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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

31 Days: Day 31 - Recap

I thought I'd wrap up the series by doing a quick recap of all the posts from the 31 Days of Creative Celebrations. The organizational side of my brain demanded it - you know, to make referecing everything easier... :) Enjoy!


Day1: Inspiration

Day 2: Invitations

Day 3: Guest List

Day 4: Party Favors

Day 5: Gifts for Kids

Day 6: Super Sizing It (DIY projector tutorial)

Day 7: Gifts for Women

Day 8: Happy Birthday to...Me

Day 9: Gifts for Men

Day 10: Party Planning

Day 11: Decorations and Food

Day 12: Orchestrating the Fun

Day 13: Party Checklist

Day 15: Fish Birthday Party

Day 16: Other Gift Ideas

Day 17: Live and Learn

Day 18: It's All About the Presentation

Day 19: Halloween Decor

Day 20: Inspriation Board #2

Day 21: Finding the Fun in Daily Life

Day 22: Halloween Costumes

Day 23: Pirate Party Invitations

Day 24: How to Make a Pinata

Day 25: Traditions

Day 26: Thanksgiving

Day 27: Party Themes

Day 28: Homecoming

Day 29: Pirate Party

Day 30: Cards and Tags

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