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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Days...

The Nester (and a few other bloggers) have started a little tradition for October - to pick a theme and then right about it every single day for the entire 31 days in October. This year they took it a step further and encouraged everyone else to blog along with them. At first I thought, "oh no, I'm too busy in October and what would I blog about anyway?" Because October is Birthday Month around here with multiple birthdays in the family all crammed into the first two weeks of the month and then while we're still gasping to catch up we get hit with Halloween. To make the month even busier, my Mom is coming out for a week long visit. Then I thought, "well I'll be blogging about most of that anyway so...." and thus I threw myself on the bandwagon and am declaring to all that I, too, will be blogging along with the 31 Days challenge. Look! I even made a little logo for myself!

Can I actually do that? I know I get overly chatty sometimes but to actually post every single day?! Wish me luck! And be sure to check in often and give me some encourangement! ;)

My theme? Birthdays, of course! Well, not just birthdays but celebrations in general, as that way I can tie in a little Halloween too. How to plan a great party without breaking the bank, gift ideas for all ages, personal party prep for my own two kiddos, another crafty day with the girls...

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