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Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days: Day 8 - Happy Birthday to

... Me! Woohoo!
Today I am thirty-three (a very uneventful, stuck in the middle, un-milestone age). I'm not one to get upset about turning another year older. Nor am I one to get all reflective and start setting goals (at least not on my birthday - I get all reflective and set goals at the drop of a hat in regular life lol). And I am fully aware that as an adult birthdays have lost a lot of the magic they once had. I don't expect people to acknowledge or even think about my birthday anymore and it wouldn't bother me if they didn't. But the great part about a life full of wonderful people is that, even sitting here at 5:07 AM in a dark and quiet house, I already feel special and loved. Thursday I got to play hookey from my regular life and go meet a friend for lunch and some shopping. We had delicious Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, wrangled kids, and talked and talked and talked - perfect! Then yesterday my husband had the day off and instead of trying to sleep in and relax on the first day off he's had in the last two weeks (oh how we both get sick of the dirty dozen from drill weekends!), he was up helping me get the kids off to school then spent the entire day with me working in the garage. We got all the mess organized, built some new storage for the balls, pool noodles, bikes and scooters, got rid of all the dirt and cobwebs, and even got half-way through refinishing my craft tables. You know how happy I get when it comes to organizing and Projects! I've also had a handful of happy birthday wishes already.

If all of that was all the birthday celebrating I get, I'd be happy. But I know there is still more coming! Kaitlyn (my 7 year old little sweetheart, who is gonna be an even bigger party planner than her mama) pulled her brother and her dad into her room for a pow-wow after dinner last night then they all took off to the grocery store. Not wanting to spoil the surprise but also not being able to contain her excitement, Kate told me, "mom when you wake up tomorrow you don't need to make your own breakfast." :) So I will be sitting here at the computer for another half hour then taking myself up to bed again to await what they have in store. I am also giving myself permission to just play today. To leave the laundry and the bathroom scrubbing that I didn't get around to yesterday until tomorrow. To take the kids out and find a fun family activity and to eat out for dinner and not feel guilty.

My message for you today is that celebrating isn't all about a big party or even a special event. It's about the little things in life that make us smile and make our lives just a little brighter. Eat a piece of cake with me. Take the kids out and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon (or the snow if you are in Utah!). Hug your sweetheart. Call your mom. Find a reason to celebrate!

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Julie said...

What a sweet post!!! :) I'm glad you got to have some fun on your birthday and also some relaxing time with a friend and you also got some organizing done. Sounds like a great couple of days to me!! :)