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Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days: Day 13 - Party Checklist

Kaitlyn's birthday is tomorrow! And her birthday party is on Saturday. I'm neck deep in the final stages of birthday and party prep so I thought I'd give you a quick run down of my typical pre-party checklist and time frame.

-1 year before party and approximately one hour after her previous birthday party, Kaitlyn announces the theme for her next birthday :)
- 3-6 months before party date: finalize the party theme and start gathering ideas and supplies (yes, I plan that far ahead. No, I don't expect you to. But I do recommend you start thinking about your party at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time)
- 1 month before the party date: take a look at the calendar and finalize party date/time. Make (or buy and address) invitations. Start working on any craft/decoration/favor/projects, if I haven't started to already
- 2 weeks-10 days before party date: send out invitations
- 1 week before party date: double check all lists. Pick up any supplies/groceries still needed for the party. Recruit husband/friend/grandparent to help with the party, if needed. If using a rented facility, confirm reservation. Same applies to any catering, cake order, etc. Wrap gifts.
-day before party:
-last minute grocery store run
-prepare any food that can be done ahead of time
-gather all party materials into one place
-start decorating, if possible
-clean the house (if I'm having the party at home)
-find cameras (still and video cameras) and make sure batteries are charged
-double check all lists
-Party Day!:
-last minute food prep (I usually decorate the cake first thing in the morning)
-party set up and decorating
-enjoy the party!
-clean up (oh joy)
-blog about it all :)

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