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Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days: Day 17 - Live and Learn

Confession: Saturday wasn't a very good day. You know those days in life where everyone should be happy happy all day long? Birthday party days should be like that right? Ha! Well, Saturday all 4 of us were grumpy and the kids misbehaved much more than usual. I was on top of the party prep so the set up itself wasn't stressful - can't blame it on that. Everyone seemed to have gotten enough sleep the night before - can't blame it on that. It was beautiful weather - can't blame it on that. But for some reason everyone was a bit off.

Then to top it off, the party was almost a non-starter. As in no one showing up, feeling like you got stood up for the prom, flop! Party time rolled around and there was no movement on the street outside our house. Then around 10 minutes later, one single solitary guest rang the doorbell. I wanted to cry. But I put on my happy face and started the party with the 3 kids (including my 2) and of course they enjoyed themselves. About an hour into the party another little girl showed up. I invited her mom to stay too and that just about made it feel like enough people for a party. We were having cake at the time, so we dished up some more and when everyone was finished eating I started the games all over again. The kids loved it. And I was starting to feel like my hours of planning and prep weren't entirely wasted. Phew.

Moral of the story - you just never can tell what is going to happen. No matter how well you plan (we had invited 15 kids - you'd think that would be enough right?), there is always something that won't go the way you want it to. And as far as the people not showing up part - I'm choosing to tell myself it's not because we are unliked (at least 3 of Kaitlyn's friends from the neighborhood showed up bearing gifts during the next few days and apologizing that other things had gotten in the way), it's because once again people are busy busy busy and possibly not entirely considerate all of the time. So. My reminder to myself and to you - take everything in stride, make the most of it, and learn something for the next time. I can guarantee that I will be completely over-compensating for Tyler's birthday (which takes place about 6 weeks from now!) and not only invite every child under the age of 12 in the neighborhood (I estimate that would be around 14) but all 18 children in Tyler's preschool class as well. Then maybe we will get at least 5 to show up! Or all 30 will show up and I'll be overwhelmed. Wish me luck! And I wish you luck too. And the next time when it's the cake that doesn't turn out, or the birthday girl trips and breaks her arm right in the middle of the party, or any other disaster the universe throws at us, we will all shrug our shoulders and remind ourselves that these things happen and it's ok.

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[Stacia] said...

I'm so sorry! I guess the important thing is remembering that you did it for Katilyn not the other kids. :) Glad it worked out ok but still, I'm sorry!