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Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days: Day 7 - Gifts for Women

Hello ladies! Let's talk a little about ourselves today, or rather - what gifts we like to receive and give! I think women can be both the easiest and the hardest people to shop for. I know that I personally can be pretty picky when it comes to certain things. I have a pretty good idea of how I want things to look or at least the feel I'm going for and would much prefer to pick out my own furniture, decorations, and clothing. In fact, I have forbidden my husband and my mom from ever buying me clothes because I don't want ANYTHING I haven't tried on first. (My mom ignores this rule when it suits her, of course :) ) So I hesitate when it comes to trying to predict what someone may or may not like. But I also rebel against the thought of gift cards because most of the time that doesn't seem personal enough. (as with all of my rules, I still break them sometimes. I fully intend to buy my brother a gift card for his birthday because one, he's even harder to shop for than me, and two, I hate paying postage and since we moved out of state gift cards are the easiest things to send.)

On the other hand, women are the most likely people to be thrilled with a gift, no matter what you got them. As wives and mothers we are so used to being the ones taking care of everyone, it means a lot when someone else goes out of their way to for us. A friend bringing me a cupcake on my birthday absolutely makes my day. Getting a card in the mail makes me smile. And I have had my share of things that I usually like to pick out for myself that someone else did an equally lovely job of choosing for me.

So here is my list of can't fail, low cost gift ideas for all the special ladies in your life:
-books. They are one of those things that we can never have too many of
-fragrant lotions/soaps, bubble bath, pedicure kits, or any other spa-like, self-indulging items
-home decor - the smaller stuff. No one can ever have too many holiday decorations or random, unique pieces (that fit their style).
-picture frames! or really anything that has to do with photos.
-recipes or anything to do with cooking. Could be as simple as your favorite cookie recipe typed up and attached to a couple of cookie cutters, a fun apron or set of oven mitts, a recipe book you yourself love, or something like the family recipes I put in a photo book last year (you can see them here).
-serving dishes. Everyone needs a good set of serving pieces, even if they don't entertain much. They can always use that cake stand as a decorative piece on their counter, or that pretty bowl to hold their keys and spare change. I try to find things that are slightly unique in shape but in classic colors/materials like white ceramic or glass.
-accessories - hats, scarves, jewelry. Need I say more?
-plants/flowers/bulbs/gardening tools
-something to drink out of. There is a huge selection here. One year my college roommates and I decided to exchange those giant mug/bowls with saucers. Water bottles for those athletic types. Travel mugs. That new kind of insulated glass with the straw that looks like something you would get from a fast food restaurant, but cuter. Or what I have been giving to all my new neighbors/friends with birthdays recently (seriously - fall is a HUGE time of the year for birthdays around here), a ceramic coffee cup with lid. Filled with chocolate, of course!

If those ideas aren't enough for you, here is Flylady's list of clutter-free gift ideas for women. And please share - what are your favorite gifts to get/give?

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