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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days: Day 19 - Halloween Decor

Birthdays aren't the only things worth celebrating (though I do admit that I tend to get obsessed about birthdays and party planning!), right? It's a lot of fun to get festive for the holidays and the biggest way to prolong the fun is to have things in the house that reflect the holiday/season. As I mentioned with party decor, the biggest bang for your buck isn't spreading things all over the house (this gets expensive, plus it makes it harder to change out for the seasons and that can get overwhelming) but in focusing on just a few areas of the house and making them look really good. My top spots are the front door (sometimes extending to the porch), one corner of my kitchen cabinets, the fireplace, and the ledge in the stairway. (Oh! And I change out my window box in my entry!) By keeping the holiday/seasonal decorations in just these locations, the house feels festive but not over the top. And it makes life much easier when changing things out for the next season. (Do you know how many times I left an item on top of kitchen cupboards for months after Christmas simply because I hadn't noticed it when I was putting away the other items then got too lazy to take it down and hunt up the correct box to pack it away?)

You've seen the my witchy wreath which now resides on the front door, and I gave you a bit of sneak peek into my fall decorating/crafting earlier (see earlier post here). I have since managed to do a quick transformation on my fireplace mantel.

And most impressive - for the first time I have fully decorated the ledge in my stairway! See how sad it looked before? I had just stashed a few things up there, fully intending to fill it in at some point. And that window frame thing, which I love - it has been leaning against the wall for months just waiting for me to force the husband to climb up on the ledge and officially hang it up. Well, a couple weeks ago this poor neglected space got some much needed attention.

These ghost footprints have also been a work in progress for over a year! I saw this idea in September or October of last year but with the move and everything I didn't get around to making them. Then in December of last year, still stuck on the idea and not wanting Tyler's cute little feet to grow anymore before I got around to it, I talked the ever-obliging husband in turning some leftover MDF into display boards (12" squares with routered edges). I painted them black and got the footprints on them (with dates on the back - don't forget dates and kids ages if you do these!) then packed them into the Halloween decor box where I again discovered them this year! The black paint got a bit of a touch up and then I put a clear coat over the top to help repel dust, then each footprint got some googly eyes and a few fun embellishments.

And look! Not only is the window on the wall above the ledge, but my ghost footprints have a home there too! And isn't Ty's tiny just turned 4 year old footprint cute?

The rest of my Halloween/fall decor went onto the ledge.

And now I can happily saw that I have one more space fully finished - yay! I think I want to add a few larger pieces for next year and not quite as many small things. But I'm totally happy for now. And I got it up just in time for all the great fall temperatures we've been having!

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