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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days: Day 18 - It's All About the Presentation

Ok ok, we all know that wrapping paper and bows are just a means of keeping the gift a secret and soon will be a muddled pile on the floor. But you know we all still love a well-wrapped present. Somehow, it really does add to the gift. Even the most mundane item becomes lovely if presented in a unique or fun way.

I grabbed the above photos off pinterest using a search for gift packaging. Pretty right? And there are a million more ideas out there, most of which are pretty easy and inexpensive. Like the toilet paper roll I used to wrap the necklace we gave Kaitlyn for her birthday. Did you know used toilet paper rolls make fantastic pillow boxes? (inspiration post found here)

The tutorial says to modge podge the paper onto the roll, but I was lazy and just used tape :) It worked perfectly too. You just cover the roll and fold in the ends, then tie it together with a ribbon and viola!

And don't forget those little touches like tags or fun accents instead of those plastic bows from Walmart. I grabbed a couple of shells and used them with a small piece of ribbon to dress up the rest of Kaitlyn's gifts this year.

Now please share - what are you favorite/most unique packaging ideas?

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