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Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days: Day 16 - Other Gift Ideas

We are always in search of the right gift for every ocassion, aren't we? I've covered gift ideas for kids, women, and men so far. Now let's do a quick round-up of ideas for the other people/events in our lives.

New Baby: I think this category is possibly the funnest one of them all. Who doesn't love going to the store and sorting through all those teeny tiny clothes? But sometimes I want to give the new mom and baby something a little more unique and personal. Like:
-embellished onesies (more details here)
-first year scrapbook. I've done this one for some of my closer friends, as it takes a little time to put together. In a 20 page scrapbook I put together one page for every month of the baby's first year with a spot for a photo and some journaling for that month. I also include pages for things like milestones, baby's hand/footprints, letters from Mom and Dad, etc.
-car seat tent/nursing cover (more details here. I also sell these in my etsy shop)
-hats! (especially all the cute ones I've been having so much fun making for my etsy shop/photo props!)
-monogrammed ANYTHING
-personalized room decor. I've seen tons of adorable ideas lately using the baby's name, birthday, weight, etc in frames, subway art, wooden blocks...

-I love to do gifts that revolve around photos. This year while we were visiting my parents I took the kids and my parents out for a photo session. I am going to blow up a few of the best photos for them to display and have made a photo book for them as a Christmas gift.
Other ideas with photos: spelling out a person's name or a message as I did for my husband for Father's Day a couple years ago (see details here), photo CD (my MIL requests one of these every year so she can have her own copies of the photos I post on my blog)
-family recipes/recipe book
-quotes in frames, on boards, even on T shirts. There are a million fun grandparent quotes out there

-monogrammed/personalized home decor
-personalized door mat (you've seen them right? Where you take a cheap door mat and spray paint a design on it? it's on my list of things to try)
-picture frames
-serving dishes (you know I have a thing for the white ones!)
-cooler/picnic basket and supplies

-personalized door mat
-new house kit (fill a bucket with things like picture hanging supplies, cleaning supplies, etc)
-decorative piece/plaque for the front door/front of the house with their monogram or house number (I saw this on Nate Berkus the other day and thought it was so cute)

What am I missing? What are you most creative gift ideas?

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