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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Witch Hat Centerpiece (31 Days: Day 3)

I love fall and I LOVE fall decorations.  And for some reason, I'm extra obsessed with the witch themed stuff.  Strange maybe, since I don't like any of the icky, scary, gory parts of Halloween but give me a diembodied witch hat or boots and I can't help squealing about how cute it is - the whimsical fun witch stuff, that is.  Even thinking about it now has me wishing I was strolling through Gardner Village right now (which totally isn't going to happen as that is now a 4 day drive from here *sigh*) to see what fun things they have added to their witch displays this year.
A couple years ago I got the bright idea to dress up a witch hat as a centerpiece for my dining table and this year when I was wanting to add a few Fall things to my collection for the craft show (and the Etsy shop, of course) I whipped up a new variation of it.
I'm in love with polka dots, and the black/white color combination - have you noticed? ;)

I've found that floral designs are kind of a free style thing, so I'm not going to do a tutorial on this one.  But I will mention that I used fishing line to sew most of the items onto the hat itself then just used hot glue to add some of the other accents.  I have a love/hate relationship with hot glue and I try to use it sparingly as it doesn't lend itself well to long term use, especially on seasonal decorative items that have to be moved in and out of boxes or ones that may be disturbed by kids or the weather.
I had to see what it would look like hanging too. :)  If I didn't already have my witch wreath one of these would probably end up on my front door.
So I'm curious - are there any other "witchy" ideas out there I need to add to my collection? :)

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