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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Corn Maze (31 Days: Day 21)

When we have a free Saturday or Sunday with nothing scheduled and no big projects on the agenda we like to get out of the house and do something fun as a family.  This week's family fun activity - a corn maze!  There are few things that shout fall more than getting yourself lost in dead stalks of corn, right? :)  I'm teasing - we started taking the kids to a corn maze and all the related activities when they were little and we enjoy them enough that we've managed to do one every year since then.

The bonus this year is that both kids are now old enough that the corn maze kept their interest the entire time - no complaining they were tired or needing snacks or wanting to be carried!  Instead we all took turns being the leader and found all 10 checkpoints in a record (for us) 30 minutes.  Actually the kids found them - when it was my turn with the flag it took me forever to find a checkpoint while the kids seems to unerringly know which way to turn.

Sam insisted that we hadn't had enough time wandering around the corn, so we spent another 20 minutes getting ourselves "lost" again before exploring the other activities.

There were animals to see and feed, bouncy houses, tractors and piles of hay to climb on, etc etc.  I think Kaitlyn's favorite was this sledge-hammer thing.  She went back to it at least 5 times, getting to within one mark of the top by the end of her last turn.

We didn't forget the obligatory "hay" ride - a nice little break to sit and enjoy the scenery.  It still strikes me as strange that here in NC you can find places that look like this nestled right next to all the houses, condos, and businesses.

As we near the end of October I find myself wondering what other fall activities we don't want to miss out on.  We "cheated" with the pumpkin patch thing knowing that we wouldn't have time to visit a pick your own place we grabbed some at Walmart yesterday.  And while some of the leaves are changing colors we have yet to see the big show yet - I'm looking forward to that one.  Hmm...what else...?

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