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Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting into the Spirit (31 Days: Day 5)

It's Fall!  I know, I know - that's not exactly news to anyone.  But for some reason this year, I'm enjoying the change in seasons even more than usual.  I even took the time to finish putting out the decorations yesterday!  (I meant to do it sooner but other things kept needing my attention first)  Kaitlyn helped me and they all went up pretty quickly.
I like the fireplace this year, especially my new pennant banners (listed in my etsy shop if you want one!)
My little vignette in the corner of my kitchen countertops
My own witch hat centerpiece (as opposed to the ones I made for the craft show).  I think this is the only holiday for which I actually have a centerpiece for the dining table.  I need to do something about that before Christmas gets here...
Fall leaves in my "window box"
And the ledge in my stairway is almost completely outfitted - finally!  I have a couple more crafty ideas I'm hoping to get to in the next week or so.
There!  Looks like we're really getting into the Fall Spirit around here, right?  My front porch is looking pitiful, but I can leave that for another day.  Happy Fall!  And HAPPY FRIDAY!

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