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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy (31 Days: Day 4)

What is one of the most exciting events in the life of a 5 year old?  Losing a tooth and getting that very first visit from the Tooth Fairy!  This happened to my little guy not that long ago and he was SO excited.  So was his sister, who volunteered the use of her Tooth Fairy Tin since he didn't have one yet.  Such a sweetie!  I decided on the spot that we had enough time to whip one up for him on the spot so I sent Miss Kate in search of a suitable tin.
Wasn't she nice to volunteer a Hello Kitty one she had been holding on to?  So that's the Before photo.
And here is the After:

I had a can of red spray paint on hand, so that's the color we went with.  And while it was drying I grabbed some tooth clipart from Google and printed it onto an address label.  Ty insisted that it needed some blue (that's his favorite color) so I added the ricrac and we were ready for the Tooth Fairy!  You know she (he?  that was a debate we were having at our house that night lol) appreciates having the tooth contained in something so she doesn't have to risk not finding those teeny tiny teeth under the pillow. ;)

And look at that grin!  Toothless Kindergarteners are so precious!
Why did I add this as part of my 31 Days series, you ask?  Well, because it happened in the Fall, that's why!  I want my 31 Days to include more than just pumpkins and Halloween Costumes because there are so many other fun things that fill our days this season.  (and it's my blog - there are no rules other than the ones I make up!  hehe).  Plus the tooth loss was the result of biting into one of those lovely apples I was babbling about the other day. :) 

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