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Friday, October 12, 2012

Candy Corn! (31 Days: Day 12)

I am constantly amazed by the number of fun ways there are to recreate classic holiday items.  Who knew Candy Corn could be so cute?  But sure enough, I'm seeing all kinds of fun Halloween decorations and the like using the candy corn color scheme and I just can't help it - I wanted to make some too!  So far I've only had time to whip up a few candy corn crochet hats, but there are at least two more ideas I have on the back burner that I'm hoping to get to soon.

I'm not the only one with Candy Corn on the brain.  My friend Jessie made an adorable outfit for her toddler and we just had to grab a quick two minute photo session.  The little one wasn't in the mood to sit still, she just wanted to carry the pumpkin all over the place.  And my own children had just arrived home from school and needed homework supervision and dinner needed some attention too.  So it was quick and chaotic - but lucky for us, that worked!  Isn't she a cutie?!  I love the big blue eyes.
{I do believe Jessie has a pair of those adorable leggings listed in her shop if you're interested :) As for the beanie, it is in my shop too and I'm thinking about writing up the pattern.  If I ever get the time... }
Oh!  And let's not forget this little cutie!  He sleepily modelled all my new hats for me a few weeks ago :)  Aren't newborns just the best thing ever?!

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