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Monday, October 8, 2012

It's my Birthday! (31 Days: Day 8)

So what was on today's agenda for Fall Fun?  My birthday, of course!  In my world, the onset of Fall also means the arrival of our Birthday Month.  We've already had at least 2 family birthdays in the last couple of weeks, mine is today, and we have a few more birthdays to come including Kaitlyn's big party next weekend (more on that later this week).
I'd like to sit here and write something witty or funny or philosphical on my birthday.  But it's been a long weekend - a FUN, GREAT weekend, but a long one none-the-less - and I'm tired.  The kids are upstairs yelling at each other as they work on cleaning up the playroom.  And while dinner is done (a yummy one, made and completely cleaned up by the husband!) we still have dessert, then whirlwind grocery shopping while Kaitlyn is in dance class.  (late dance class on Mondays is killer)  So, I'll just leave you with a photo of me with my birthday gift - my pantry re-do!  I'll do a more in depth post later this week.
Thanks everyone for all the well-wishes!  There's nothing like facebook and calls/texts to make you feel loved :)  It really has been a good birthday!

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