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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 - Wednesday

Morning routine:  kids eat breakfast while I prep lunches and clean up the kitchen.  Much as I'd like to leave the kitchen spotless at night I'm usually tired and procrastinate final clean up until the next morning.

Sam usually gets the kids out of bed and hangs around for breakfast then heads out on the motorcycle (at least whenever the weather is nice as it has been this week) to work.
-Get the kids on the bus, then it's time to work out.  This morning Julie and I walked half a lap with Ashley, then decided to spend some time on the elliptical at the clubhouse before walking another half lap to finish up. 
I was happy to see the colors on this tree in a neighbor's yard.  The sudden drop in temperatures (from 90s and upper 80s to low 70s) this past week caused it to turn colors practically over night.  Most of the trees though will probably wait to change colors closer to Thanksgiving.
Got home and guess how I found the pup.  First time she's done that.

Showered and spent part of the morning on the computer doing a running chat with friends while checking email, etsy, etc.

Then Julie came back over and we worked on GS (Girl Scout) prep pretty much the rest of the day.
And look where we found Bambi again.  Silly dog.
 After dinner and homework, we finished up the day with a family walk.  We've been trying to get these in most days in preparation for the Color Run 5k we will all be doing soon.  And to try to wear the pup out so she doesn't get into trouble (we have yet to wear her out enough to prevent it entirely *sigh*)
I love love love the weather this week.

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