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Thursday, October 3, 2013

All Dressed Up for Halloween

Happy October!  I love this time of year - the drop in temperatures (here that means a nice 70 degrees right now), the crisp air and blue skies, pumpkin flavored everything, the birthdays (yes birthdays - in my world end of Sept and all of Oct is stuffed choc full of birthdays!  But that's another post), and oh yes - the Halloween decorations!
As you know, I started working on the new additions to my fall décor quite a few weeks ago.  In fact, I decorated the house in mid-September (while my Mom was visiting as she wanted to see how everything looked all set up).  But true to form, it has taken me a couple of weeks to sit down and post the photos.  Am I ever going to be ahead of the curve, like a good crafty blogger should? (haha)
So without further delay (and before the kids wake up and I have to start in on the day!), here's a peak at the fall fun at my house.
 I changed up the ledge by the stairs a little bit - quite a few of my decorations stayed in the box this year.  But I did keep some of my favorites, especially the footprint ghosts.  The husband jokingly told me I need to make one with the puppy's paw print...that may actually be a fun addition, right? ;)

 My window box - still one of my absolute favorite craft projects.
 And the mantle.  I kept it super simple this year.  And symmetrical - that's so unlike me!  But cute, right?
(I whipped up the trick or treat banner last year.  It is reversible for thanksgiving.  And I did take a minute to relist it in my etsy shop, along with a few of my other Fall items.)
And my new swags on the front door.

Notice a trend?  Yup, I'm a little hung up on witch hats and boots.  I have one for the centerpiece on the dining table too.  I just finished a cute new sign for the front porch (but I'm so happy with it, I'm giving it it's own blog post.  Check back tomorrow! ;) ).  And a friend just bought me a funny Wicked Witch of the West magnet for my car!

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