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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 - Tuesday

Slightly better about remembering to take photos today.  Slightly.

 Stack of orders waiting for the mailman to pick up.
Spent a couple hours on the road to take Mom to the airport.  It felt like a super quick visit this time around.
 Almost home!
 Greeted by this face.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Though not usually holding this still - she can't contain her excitement every time she sees us.  Pet me.  Love me.  PET ME!

The never-ending chore - dishes.  Obviously had to rush with the photo because the pup doesn't know to keep her nose out of the dishwasher, yet.
The afternoon routine:  Walking home from the bus stop.
 Snack time.

Realized I didn't take photos of them modeling the clothes I had forced them in for school photos this morning.  (Kaitlyn really wasn't in a good mood this morning and resented the fact that she had to wear a skirt on the day they did art because it's always cold in that room)

 Beautiful fall weather - the temps are suddenly down in the 70s which feels amazing.  After dinner I walked the dog while the kids went ahead on their roller skates.

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