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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ahead of the calendar least for now!  Seems like I'm often behind on getting around to all the holiday crafts I want to create.  However, it's easier to make sure I fit crafting into the schedule when I have someone to craft along with me - and lucky me, I have quite a few craft buddies lately.  After my last crafting day with friends I ran across a great website for unique wreath frames and after consulting my friends, I ordered up a whole stack of them.  And today was the day we had scheduled for putting them together.  As luck would have it, the majority of my crafty friends couldn't make it at the last minute but we went ahead with our smaller crew.  It was, of course, tons of fun.

Here is one of my candy canes (I did two).  I had to go ahead and hang it outside just so I could see how it looked before packing it away for Christmas.

Then I got carried away and put out all my new wreaths haha.  Gave the house a bit of an identity crisis, didn't I?  I wonder what the neighbors think.  Had to be done though - how are we to stage photos for blogging if we don't hang the projects up?
The side window swags are new.  I started one of them at the last crafting day then finished them up on my own later.  They've been sitting in the sun room ever since just waiting for me to make sure they fit ok and take photos.  The witch wreath isn't new, but I had to put it up just to check the whole look, right? ;)
 I've decided that witch hats and boots are my "thing" when it comes to Halloween.  And I've also decided that I'm going to go a bit over the top with decorating the porch this year.  More on that later - I have a few more projects to finish first :)  I'm in quite the fall mood right now and getting a little sick of the 90 degree temps here still.  I restrained myself from making up a batch of spiced cider while we crafted, though I did put together a batch of pumpkin dip for snacking.

So there we have it - crafty decorations done and photos taken and blogged enough time ahead of the holiday itself that I can share it with all of you.  I can't wait until October hits and I can truly put out the decorations for Halloween!

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