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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spur of the Moment Crafting

It was Spring Break for the kids this week and we were lucky enough to have some friends visiting for a few days.  It was an absolute blast - fun, busy, chaotic, loud (with 6 kids and a puppy how could it not be?!), exhausting - and totally worth it.  Normally when my friend Audrey and I get together we work in a little bit of craft time and this week was no exception.  I can't remember what we were looking for on my Pinterest boards when we ran across this little project and instantly said "hey we can do that now!"  And thanks to our wood scrap box, we had everything we needed at No Cost (yay!) right here waiting for us.
 So any guesses what these are? lol  One of the girls said they look like boats - and I'd have to agree.  But in reality they are...
 Glue Gun Holders!  It probably took us a total of 30 minutes (not counting drying time for the spray paint) to make up a set of two holders for each of us.  They are still missing a scrap tile piece to catch the drips, but other than that I'm totally set!  I can't wait to see how they work! 

Oh! and the original inspiration for these can be found here.  We didn't stick strictly to her measurements.  The scrap dowel pieces we had were all about 4" long and they worked just fine.  We also moved them a bit closer together and put the wooden block closer to them as well.  That just seemed to work better, especially for the smaller low-temp glue gun.
We did a few more projects in between fun activities with the kids.  I'll post those later!  Happy Sunday!

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Dari said...

Sweet! I love them. I may have to make some myself.