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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quick Cards

 I love scrapbooking - playing with all the fun patterns and colors, the embellishments, all the fun layouts...but I haven't taken the time to do any real scrapbooking in probably three years (eek!).  I promised myself I would start scrapbooking again this year, but the closest I usually get is applying scrapbook paper to countdown blocks.  During our little crafty time over Spring Break, I did however manage to make some cards - go me!  My friend was working on hair bows (which turned out really cute and I may have to create some for Kaitlyn now) but I needed a bunch of cards for Girl Scouts, so I pulled out the patterned paper scraps and off I went.  I forgot how much fun it is, and how easily cards come together.  (It totally had me missing our monthly card making group in my old neighborhood!)

In only a couple of hours (or less - who can tell with kids running around and dinner to make in the middle of it all?) I had 6 birthday cards (hopefully that is all we will need until the end of the year) for the girls

 a couple of thank you cards for our special guests (an EMT for our first aid/safety badge, and our trip to the cupcake bakery last night, which was so much fun!)
and while I was at it, I made a couple of thank you cards for the girls to sign for my co-leaders.  April 22 is Volunteer Appreciation Day and they deserve the recognition.

Sometime soon maybe I can pull out the photos and really scrapbook, but first I have orders to box up and drying racks to paint and dinner prep to think about...


Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

These are wonderful and a great way to use up scraps ( of which I have an infinite supply!)

Dari said...

Fun and simple.