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Sunday, April 28, 2013

All Patched Up

Holes, holes, everywhere!  I guess it's the curse of having active children, right?  Usually mine are pretty good about not destroying their clothing.  But a few weeks ago it seemed like every single pair of Tyler's jeans was suddenly sprouting holes in the knees - not good!  So I took stock of the problem.  Yep!  4 pairs of Tyler's jeans had at least one hole and 4 pairs of Kaitlyn's jeans too.  EIGHT PAIRS!  Plus a couple of shirts that the puppy snagged with her teeth.
It's April and the kids have less than two months left of school.  ou know all of their current pants are going to be too short by the end of the summer so I really didn't want tYo replace any of them right now.  What was I to do, but turn to Pinterest for inspiration? LOL 
It didn't take long to find quite a few fun and easy options.
Tyler's got some "monster knees" (the camo ones got this treatment too and are even cuter, but he grabbed them and wore them before I had a chance to take photos and I've forgotten to snap a pic when he has them on)

I also did a little reverse applique (on the left) and experimented with the fabric glue when I got sick of picking apart the inside seams in order to fit the pants in the sewing machine.  So far the ones with the fabric glue are wearing just as well as the other ones - yay!  (Good to know because using fabric glue is so much easier and faster than sewing!)
Kaitlyn wanted to go with hearts and butterflies, so I did a variety of applique, reverse applique, and fabric glue on hers.
All those fabric scraps from other projects really do come in handy, as does saving a few pairs of old jeans.
So now we're all Patched Up.  The days are mostly warm now so I'm pretty confidant that the next mending session won't involve patches but possibly turning old jeans into cut-offs for the summer.

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