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Saturday, December 13, 2014

OLW - November Gratitude Prompt

 It's the month of December and not only is there NO snow on the ground here in Utah, but I also found the time yesterday to spend the morning working on my One Little Word album.  Free time on a weekday in December?!  Craziness. ;)
The prompt for November was a combination of photos and words, revolving around what it means to "live your word" and recognizing what we are grateful for.  I spent the first part of November trying to note something I was Thankful For every day (posted daily on my Facebook page) and although it kind of fizzled around the 20th, I still had plenty of ideas to choose from.  I thought finding the right photos might be harder, but after combing through all my photo files from the past few months I ended up with plenty to choose from.  I guess being a photo-obsessed, wish-I-had-more-time-to-scrapbook Mom comes in handy sometimes.

The finished layout:
I just realized I had intended to add a line of journaling to this photo.  On well.  I may do it later and reprint it, or maybe it's fine just like that.
 *photo taken as we pulled out of our neighborhood in North Carolina and started our trek across country to move back home to Utah.  I followed that Uhaul trailer for four days straight.

I have loved participating in this online workshop this year.  Whether or not I managed to do the prompts "on time" I got a whole lot more out of the experience than I did in previous years with my words.  I have already signed up for next year's workshop, though I have no idea at this point what my word for next year will be...

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