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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elf Antics 2014 - Week 1

Two weeks into December and I haven't posted a single Elf photo?!  
One of our fun traditions for the holidays is having a couple of Santa's Elves visit us.  The kids always get a kick out of finding them every morning and look forward to their arrival on the first of December.  In fact, when I was giving Kaitlyn a hug before bedtime on November 30th, she whispered a reminder in my ear lest I forget what day it was(little miss is growing up too fast and became one of our Christmas helpers last year).
 Sure enough, Tinsel and Twinkle arrived at our house on schedule bringing with them Lego advent calendars for the kids.
 Day 2 found them in the storage room where they had pulled out most of Grandma's games and toys.  Photo is courtesy of Kaitlyn, who was quick to inform me when I got back from the gym that morning and found the kids playing Jenga that she knew I liked to take photos before we moved the Elves and had made sure to do so.  (Isn't she the greatest?!)
 Day 3 - in the bathroom, where Twinkle was tangled in Kaitlyn's headbands and Tinsel had drawn a Rudolph head on the mirror.
 Day 4
 Wonder what's in the envelope....   (printable found here.  Awesome idea)
 Day 5 was Tyler's birthday so the elves had made an attempt to decorate with crepe paper but got distracted playing with the party games.
 Day 6
 Day 7

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