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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Too early for Hearts and Flowers?

The post-Christmas, early January urge to reorganize, clean up, and scale back has left my living room feeling very very bare.  I do have some projects in mind and other things I need to make decisions about and randomly run across accessories while out shopping but at this rate it could still be bare in July (it has already been 3 years like this, after all!).  To combat a little of the emptiness I decided it was time to pull out some of the Valentines decorations.  And realized I don't have a lot of them! (something I intend to fix, bit by bit lol)
 But I did have enough to cutesy up the console in the TV room (seriously?  I thought we taped those cords up out of the way!  And I do have a few ideas for that big glaring blank spot above the table) and a couple of other places.  Then I set to work creating the wreath ideas I have had in the back of my mind since our last big wreath session (in October?  November??).
 I'm happy to say that now my front porch is looking kinda cute and festive.  I'm realizing how great the black and red pillows on the bench work for a lot of the holidays.  Who knew?
 This was actually my second attempt with the heart wreath.  I started out with deco mesh on the frame and it just wasn't working.  It completely overwhelmed the small frame and just looked like a giant red blob.  So I'm extra-happy that my tulle idea worked out.
 I wanted to go a different direction than my usual big poufy statement on the front door.  I guess part of it still ended up a little poufy though ;)
 I took some photos of this one In Process so I can do a tutorial later, maybe.  For now I'm just enjoying the fact that at least some of my holiday projects are finished up and displayed well ahead of Valentines Day.  Three Cheers for keeping ahead of things in the New Year!

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