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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things

Look who turned One Year Old!  I can't believe how fast puppies grow up.

Of course we celebrated - with a two minute photo session (I went all the way to Dollar General just to get her a party hat and had a minor freak out when I discovered I had no cash in my wallet - but that's another story), a new puzzle chew toy, and lots and lots of hugs from the kids.  Bambi didn't care, but the kids thought it was great (plus doesn't she look so cute?!).  And really, that's the point, right?  Well at least it's my point most of the time.  I try to remind myself, often, that it isn't about trudging through that endless list of things that need to be done but more about the fun and memories we are creating with our kids.

What did you celebrate this week?

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