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Monday, December 23, 2013

Elf Antics 2013

 The kids were so happy to have our elves arrive on schedule (December 1) again this year (in a box from the post office - trying to break out).  They got welcome hugs and a lecture from Tyler warning that this year we have a puppy and they had better watch out that they don't find themselves somewhere she could chew on them in the morning.
Dec 2 - being new to the dog thing, they thought the container on the counter must be cookies.  Nope - icky dog biscuits.
Dec 3 - must have angered the plastic Army Guys as we found them tied up/trapped under a vase and surrounded by the entire Army Guy collection
Dec 4 - toilet papered the Christmas tree
 Dec 5 - saw that we had decorated Tyler's door with balloons, so they added some crepe paper decorations of their own for him to wake up to on his birthday.
Dec 6 - helped feed the dog
Dec 7 - built their own swings (yarn and TP rolls) and were swinging from the ceiling fan, along with a paper chain countdown
Dec 8 - fishing for goldfish in the bathroom sink
Dec 9 - making copies of themselves on the printer

Dec 10 - brought Tyler a Cars theme Monopoly game and were playing it in his room with some of his toys
Dec 11 - Kaitlyn's turn for a new game.  The elves brought her a Hello Kitty (Trouble style) one and were playing it in her room with some of her toys.
Dec 12 - making Smores by the fireplace
Dec 13 - found them behind a chair in the sunroom, right next to the kennel teasing the dog
Dec 14 - in the garage roller skating and riding bikes.  They had even set up a little ramp for tricks.

Dec 15 - elf kissing booth with Barbies lined up to get (Hershey's peppermint) Kisses
Dec 16 - stuck outside on the front porch peeking in the window while perched on the candy cane wreath
Dec 17 - built snowmen out of mini powdered donuts
Dec 18 - made the kids lunches and packed them in their backpacks.  The lunches included a note from the elves, some elf style lunchbox jokes, snowman shaped Nutella sandwiches, chips (with snowflake sprinkles in the bags), chocolate milk, and sugar cookie flavor Pop Tarts for snack time (the kids were excited to point out that there were pictures printed onto the icing)
Dec 19 - paper sack race with some of the toys/stuffed animals

Dec 20 - hid candy canes around the house and wrote a note asking the kids if they could find them
Dec 21 - brought us a cotton candy machine (we had been to Disney on Ice the night before and didn't spring for the $10 cotton candy)
Dec 22 - guess they figured they needed some exercise.  We found them on the yoga mat with Tinsel trapped under the hand weights and Twinkle tangled in the exercise bands.
Dec 23 - brought a new puzzle and had started putting it together
And Dec 24 the kids are predicting the elves with forego the antics and instead write them a goodbye note and let them know if they made it to the Nice List! 
Do you think they made it on the Nice List?

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