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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

 That's always a satisfying sight, isn't it?  The Christmas cards all stamped, addressed and ready to send out, and in enough time to make it to everyone before Christmas (mine went out about a week ago - phew!).  A lot of time and thought goes into those cards every year.  Planning the photos, picking the outfits and location, taking the photos, editing, figuring out the card design/if I want to make it myself or order them, who is making it on the card list and how many do I need...blah blah.  It's a big thing.  So now that mine have had a change to make it to their intended destinations and I no longer have to worry about spoiling the surprise I thought I'd share our Christmas cards this year.
 Once again I drug everyone out to the state park with the tripod to take some self-timer shots.  Why we waited until Thanksgiving weekend when it was too cold to be comfortable out there, I'm not sure (the kids have now been assigned to make sure we take family photos in October next year - think they'll remember better than me? lol).  But we made it through it and ended up with some decent photos - yay!
I went a little different direction this year.  Found a good deal for 5x7 prints so after editing the photo I ordered those, then did some fun points of interest about our year on the back.  I'm actually pretty happy with how it all turned out, especially since it was completely DIY (took me an hour and a few YouTube tutorials to figure out how to add the striped border in Photoshop haha).
 So from our family to all of yours - Merry merry merry Christmas!

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