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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

How did I not get this posted a couple of weeks ago?!  That's the Christmas Craziness hitting I suppose.  I did start uploading photos and had saved the draft for this post quite a while ago.  Oh well.  Better late than never.  Here's a peak at our house all ready for CHRISTMAS!
Setting up the tree (day after Thanksgiving, as is our tradition).
Fireplace.  I'm seriously considering changing out the stockings for next year.  The kids insist the puppy needs one of her own (and I did buy a $2 one with an animal print for this year, but it's not making an appearance until Christmas Day).
And look how nice the new console table looks with a few accessories!  Can't wait to figure out how I want to decorate it for daily use.
The "window box" near the entry - still one of my favorite things from craft day with friends years ago.
The front porch!  I had a little fun with it this year and added some deco mesh around the door.  Good thing too as, once again, we decided not to buy a bunch of lights for the exterior of the house.  (We got blinds for the living room and craft room instead!)  So at least we look very festive during the day.

The elves showed up right on schedule (December 1st) and we've been having fun seeing what they've been up to every day.  (I'll try to do a post all about their antics for the month tomorrow!)
 Let's see...more decorations for the inside.  The ledge by the stairs.  (craft projects that didn't get done is a couple of things to add on each side of the shutter thingy for Christmas.  Maybe next year)
 A peek into Tyler's room.  Their tiny bedside trees are one of the kids' favorite things.
 And here's my favorite - our big tree!

 Believe it or not, the kids helped quite a bit with it and no, I did not move a single ornament either one of them placed.  They're getting so good at decorating (another sign they are growing up oh so quickly).

Oh - I almost forgot!  The candy cane wreaths I made at craft day a couple months ago.  Did you notice they weren't in the earlier picture of the front porch?  I forgot about them for a week or so too until I spotted one on my neighbor's front door.  So I switched them out for the wreaths on the windows and moved the wreaths onto the railing on the porch.

All set for Christmas!  I'm in SUCH a holiday mood! (hehe)

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