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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School Already?

Here we go again!  We're on the downhill side of summer and in full prep mode for school.  We have 2 1/2 weeks until the big day here, but I know some people have already started back.  I'm kind of sad about it actually.  This summer has absolutely flown by and I find myself wishing for many many more lazy days by the pool.  Oh well.  Fall has its good points too - like school shopping.  I kind of like dragging the kids from store to store and forcing them to try on all the cuteness :)  And we all know how fun it is to stock up on 50 cent notebooks!
We finished up the last of the clothes shopping this past weekend.  Tyler was in full cowboy mode that day and while I had convinced him to leave the hat in the car so he could try on clothing more easily he still insisted on putting his boots back on with each pair of jeans.  Love that funny kid!
Now with stacks of school supplies waiting to be labeled, lunchbox jokes Pinned (but not printed yet), and summer swimming lessons almost at an end it's time to start the final countdown.  So of course I made a set of blocks :)
 Actually I made two sets so I can give them to the teachers - either as a Hello gift at Back to School night or save them up for Teacher Appreciation.  (I did post a listing in my Etsy shop if anyone would like their own set)  How good would I be if I was all ready for that (teacher appreciation) so far ahead of time?! lol 
 The base has two sides ("days til summer" and "days til school") so it works for either the beginning or the end of the school year.  Genius, no? ;)
Now where is my List so I can figure out what else I need to do before school starts...?  Only 19 days to go!

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