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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catching Up and Summer Vacation

 Our summer has been split between two things - working hard and having tons of fun.  Not the least of which was our two week trip back home to Utah over the 4th of July.  It was jam-packed with family, friends, and all kinds of fun including trips to the lake
hiking to Timpanogos Cave
riding horses (Kaitlyn did so at every opportunity - probably at least 5 times.  She's getting to be quite the horse-woman)
 BBQs, rodeos, collecting Brag Tags (fantastic program sponsored by Heber City - I'll talk about that more in another post), a night away for Sam and myself...
We've been madly scrambling  steadily and surely chipping away at the stack of orders and other To Dos that piled up while we were out having fun.  This past week, in particular, I put in a lot of hours out in the garage - way more than I want to think about when all I really want to be doing is splashing in the pool or having back yard BBQs with friends.  But the end result is that I have given myself enough breathing room to no longer feel stressed about getting orders out in the time frame promised.  And I can start working in a few smaller fun crafty projects like the neighborhood wreath-making day I have in the works, and this baby gift I just sent off.

I've cut back on the amount of crocheting I do, but I usually like to pull it out as one of my Go To gifts for new babies.  In this case I did a Baby Brother/Big Brother set of monster hats, with a matching applique onesie for the new little one.
 Kinda makes me wish my little ones were that size again, if only for a day.  Then I look at my quick-growing kiddos and am pretty happy with who they are right now.  And since it seems to be baby season again, it's not like I have a shortage of reasons to make cute little items or snag some cuddle time with a tiny one (without having to go through the sleep deprivation of having a newborn - hehe).  I just did newborn photos for a friend (still working on edits - that's a post for another day), have a baby shower in the works in a couple of weeks, and have at least two other friends due this fall.  I'd better get finding some new gift ideas and carving out craft time... :)

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