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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Officially Summer

You know what yesterday was, right?  June 21st - the official "beginning" of summer!  We're about two weeks into the summer here, which already feels both endless and as if time passing by much too quickly.  We haven't had many lazy days yet, but I know at some point they are coming.
And see?  The little one is already getting into trouble during down time (actually I have no idea when he did this - I spotted it when I got up this morning.  It's scotch tape and didn't pull off any of the already-chipping paint, so not a big deal other than the fact that he should know better than to put anything sticky on the furniture), at least a little bit.  Usually I combat the inevitable summer "boredom" with a list of Summer To Dos, and this year is no different.  We slowly compiled the list over the last few weeks and Kaitlyn in particular, was very involved in the process.  I love that she wants to read all the books on her bookshelf (she's got a fairly large collection and is turning into quite the reader - just like me!).
I'm pretty happy with everything on the list this year and I think we've struck a good balance between lots of fun and a few things that will feel a little more like "work."  And considering that summer has barely begun and at a quick glance I think we have participated in at least four or five of the items on the list I'd say we have a pretty good start.

So - here's to the first day of summer!  What's on your list??

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