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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Almost Summer!

 It's June!  I know a lot of schools are out at this point and I'm so jealous!  For the last week or two all I have wanted to do is hang out with friends at the pool or in the back yard.  Forget the schedules, forget the Have Tos - just soak up the sun, enjoy the company, and watch the kids have fun! 
We've been going through the paces of wrapping things up - final dance recital, field trips, class parties, Kaitlyn's first time taking the EOG's (End of Grade tests - they are huge here UGH) and Friday was Tyler's Kindergarten graduation/awards/ice cream party (oooo he's getting way too big!).
We are down to the final week of school and I'm just as excited as the kids are.  (Someone remind me of this at the end of July when the kids are driving me nuts and all I want is a day of peace and quiet ;)  )  Since a lot of my time this week will be spent doing final prep work for our Girl Scout Bridging/End of the Year Party I thought I'd better get ahead of things and put the End of the Year School gifts together.  They came together pretty easily this year.  Weeks ago I ran across the After Sun lotion in the Target Dollar section and snapped up a few bottles, knowing I'd be able to use them for something.  Here and there I found the small containers of sunscreen and chapstick with SPF and then I spotted the double wall glasses at IGA for $3 and knew I had it made.  The thing I really like about these particular glasses is that they have the flip top instead of a straight straw, which means much less chance they will spill if you put them in a cooler or beach bag.  I may have to go back and pick up a few for myself!

I found the printable Summer Vacation tag here.  And that's it - quick, easy, cute, and not-too-expensive end of the year gift for the teachers!  The bus driver will be getting the same tag on a Toblerone.  So we're all set!  Now BRING ON SUMMER! 

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