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Monday, January 9, 2012

The List 2012

I have one more piece of "housekeeping" I need to do before I can fully start 2012. Update my Projects List! Do you see it over there on the sidebar with all those things crossed off?! Yep, I did TONS in 2011 (mostly on the house) and I'm so happy with how productive I've been. I want to continue that trend, (though a bit more slowly than before) and finish up a few more projects and rooms in the house this year.

Projects List 2012:
-Master Bedroom
-find new nightstands (brand new or refinish)
-new bedding: sheets, duvet, duvet cover, shams (Euro and King), throw pillows
-console table (new or refinish?)
-wall decor
-frame mirrors in all bathrooms
-wall decor in Craft Room
-shadow boxes for Sam's car collection (sun room)
-Living Room:
-console table
-wall decor
-when nightstands are replaced, move old nightstand into guest room
-something on wall above guest bed
-when we have console table in bedroom, move dresser into playroom for TV and storage (DVDs, Wii games, etc)
-give kids' table/chairs to Megan
-refinish nightstand from playroom (currently used as TV stand) for Ty's room
-Tyler's monogram wall
-new blinds for living room and craft room
-baby items/shadow boxes
-need to make more cards/tags for stash (esp bday and baby)
-sort/purge all toys
-kids arts/crafts supplies
-bookshelf in play room (sort books, display scrapbooks, storage solutions for kids magazines and supplies)
-go through all boxes in storage closets, purge/sort/put away
-figure out better storage solution for seasonal wreaths
-Spring Cleaning (detailed list later)
-new gate
-extend planter/flower bed on front side all the way back to the fence
-get grass to fill in in back yard (regular weed treatments, fertilizer, additional seed)
-add a few more bushes/flowers

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