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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

I know, I know. We're already half-way through teacher appreciation week already. Time is seriously getting away from me lately. But I did manage to throw a little something together on Monday.
Original inspiration (and instructions) for the project found here. I chose a smaller size bead organizer from Walmart and grabbed a few coordinating office supplies from the clearance section and split them in half, since I was making two (one for the main teacher, one for the assistant).

I was shopping with both kids for the candy and couldn't concentrate, or I would have made sure the wrappers were blue or green to go with my color scheme too.

The school sent home a little schedule for Teacher Appreciation week too. On Monday the kids were each supposed to bring a card for their teacher (Kaitlyn did the cutest little notes on her Hello Kitty stationary). Tuesday was chocolate day. I let Kaitlyn splurge for the really expensive candy bars. The note says "You deserve chocolate! Thanks for being such a great teacher." I'm sending the goodie boxes this morning. And tomorrow we're supposed to send a flower (which I still need to go shopping for). The note for that one says "thanks for helping me grow." What are you doing for teacher appreciation?


Cartier Family said...

Very cute! Is it normal for the school to request a week worth of gifts for the teachers?

Cheri said...

My kids last school did the gift a day thing. It does get pretty pricey. I ended up making paper weights for the teachers. They turned out great!