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Friday, April 22, 2011

Finishing Touches - Powder Bath

It's a Friday. A cloudy, windy, dreary Friday. Usually on Fridays I'm either totally motivated to get tons done or I feel like goofing off all day (especially today which marks the start of Spring Break as soon as the half day of school is over) Today I'm neither - just blah. I think the people that say weather affects our moods are on the right track. So here I sit, having at least done my usual Friday morning bathroom scrubbing (thank goodness!), thinking I should be crafting but not feeling it. So what's the next best thing? Sharing one of my projects that did get finished at some point in the recent past when the motivation was flowing.

This is what I whipped up for my powder bathroom, with the help of my new best crafting buddy, my Silhouette.

It's just a piece of scrap wood that I stained. Cut out some vinyl shapes with the Silhouette (the bird comes with the machine, the cherry blossom branches were from the Silhouette online store) and applied them. Drilled a couple holes and added a ribbon. And hung it all from a hook I already had. Total out of pocket? $0! You gotta love those kinds of projects right?!

I do have to admit the idea wasn't totally original. I saw something similar on a blog, somewhere. Didn't save the link or the photo at the time but it stuck with me. So to someone out there - thanks for the inspiration!

Add a little picnic basket I had laying around to stash the toilet paper in and I declare the powder bathroom...

Done! It's the first room in the house that I can cross off the list as fully complete. Happy Dance! :)

One more time with the Before:
and After:

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