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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monogram Wall

This one is just for you Julie! :)
She and I saw this idea while we were blog hopping and chatting online months ago. (original idea can be found here) So we've both been collecting wooden letters and frames ever since. And being the more daring and driven one (prodded along by Jules who wanted to see how it turned out before she tackled hers), I got mine on the wall first.

Kaitlyn is going to be so surprised when she gets home and finds all the photos on the wall. I'm not even sure I've mentioned to her that I was going to put anything there.

Ok, the details:
-the square photo is one that I had done on unstretched canvas (when I got the deal on the shoe one - you had to order in pairs) and put it on some MDF just as I did with the shoe canvases
-the white "K" is vinyl from my machine. I couldn't make it as large as I had envisioned it so that may be something I change out later (after a visit to Audrey's!)
-the argyle "K" is just some scrapbook paper that I mod podged onto a wooden letter
-the smallest frames all came from the dollar store and I spray painted them white. The other frames were already in my collection and were already white.
-I traced each frame onto newspaper (being sure to mark where the hook would need to be placed) and taped the newspaper shapes to the wall to help me figure out the layout before I brought out the hammer and nails.

This covers the wall at the foot of Kaitlyn's bed - the only wall in the room that needed any additional decor. Scratch another entire room off my To Do list Baby! WOOHOO :)

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[Stacia] said...

I really wish you'd stop pointing out that you have ENTIRE rooms done when you've been in your house, what? 6 months? We've lived here almost 2 years and I don't have a single room done. :)

Cheri said...