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Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Minute (and $0!) Project

I got bored today, and fidgety. Doesn't happen often, because usually I have tons on my To Do list every day and no end of fun things to explore online or books to read when I'm not working on something. But today was one of those days where it was full steam ahead first thing in the morning then way too much goof off time later. Seriously. By 9AM I had scrubbed all 3 bathrooms and the kitchen, had a load of laundry almost finished, had updated my 365 blog, and had even showered and done my hair! Pretty much my entire list of things I wanted done today. So I watched some TV. Started a new book. Blog hopped and chatted online. And still was restless and not sure what to do with myself. (yes I know I could have done something like wash windows but it's FRIDAY. And I already spent an entire day this week cleaning carpets and upholstery so my Spring Cleaning quota was already done for the week) Then I looked at my Things to Try file and decided I should get crafty.
And this is the result: Like it? I think it's fun and totally appropriate for our house, considering the recent move. My husband just laughed when I showed it to him. And the best part? Not only did it take less than 5 minutes - including finding the right paper and printing a map from online for my pattern - but I had all the supplies on hand so it cost me NOTHING. I'm sure if you went out and bought everything, including the inexpensive 12x12 frame, you'd probably still spend less than $5-$10 on it.

*the original inspiration for this one was found on Etsy. I think they are created completely digitally and sell for something like $20 each. Sorry I don't have the actual link.

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Krispy said...

Hi Alayna.. I know exactly where that link is because I saved it to my favourites too with he idea of doing the exact same thing! The etsy link is
Looks great by the way!
Kristin :)