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Friday, June 20, 2008

Gettin' it together

My dream as a mother: to be one of those people that has "got it all together." I'm not talking about an imaculate house and children whose clothes never get rumpled or stained - I know perfection isn't possible and quite frankly doesn't even sound appealing. But I do want to feel like I have my life under control. I want to look and feel good. I want my house to be something I'm not afraid to invite people into, even while cluttered with toys. I want to not feel stressed about not being ready for an upcoming event or a birthday I don't have a present get the idea. So, once again I am hopping on the "fly-wagon."
Some of you have heard of and if you haven't you really should check it out. It is a website about one very smart lady's methods for dealing with well, just about everything in life. While I am not trying to become a full-fledged "flybaby" (because you will NEVER get me to wear shoes all day every day :) ), I do really like a lot of her ideas. I believe that routines, schedules, and planning are key to living a more calm, enjoyable life. So I have been taking some time to re-vamp what FlyLady calls the Control Journal. My term for it is simply my "book" because Control Journal sounds too...well, too controlling :)
Inside this binder I have things like daily and weekly routines for myself and the kids, phone lists, a calendar, important info like emergency contacts, menus, family fun ideas, a section I can pull out for babysitters, gift idea lists, and a "project" section. I have started to update some of these items - my phone list, menus, routines - and will eventually make my way through it all (baby steps!). I am determined to get myself on track and stay that way this time.

Funny side note: Kaitlyn has obviously inherited my "plan ahead" gene. Every day she comes up with plans - to go on walks, what she will eat for lunch so she can get a treat, what friend she wants to invite over and what they will do. Well today she made me grin when she came up to me holding her Princess Mouse Ears (from our trip to Disneyland) and said "Momma, I want to have a mouse party. (pause) When I am six. I want to have my Aurora party (that she has been planning for months already - an Aurora party with a horse pinata) when I am five and a mouse party when I am six." :)


Christina said...

My mom tried to get me into the fly lady stuff a while ago. I couldnt get passed the 'get dressed everyday' I LOVE my pajama days! I dont see any point in getting dressed if Im not going to leave the house lol. Good luck to you! I have been thinking about my scheduling needs lately too. Im thinking of handling it differently this time, so wish me luck!

Julia said...

I've glance at flylady before. But I will have to check it out again. I keep hearing about it. I wish you luck with all of that. :)
That's too cute about Katy.

Cheri said...

Hey I'm going to be doing a Sleeping Beauty party for Emilee in August! How funny.
I also want to have it all together! Good Luck!