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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dora/Diego Backpacks

When Kaitlyn turned 4 she had a Dora birthday party. I made all the kids their own backpacks and maps. And Kaitlyn's set has resided in her dress up box ever since where she will pull it out periodically. Recently Katy got it into her head that Tyler needed a Diego backpack and a map and would not give up until I sewed one for him. I just finished up the face and the velcro this morning. And luckily I had a couple maps left over from the party so I didn't have to recreate one for Tyler. They are both wearing their backpacks around the house this morning :)

I got the original instructions here but I used felt instead of craft foam and sewed it together so it would be more durable.


Elizabeth Sanchez said...

thnx... thnx alot! I was reading this saying... AWWW that's so cute... then adin ran over and saw it and goes BACKPACK BACKPACK!! CLICK MOM CLICK!
yay!!! lol He keeps saying backpack now... how fun!!! lol

Julia said...

:) That is sooo adorable...I don't know how to sew but it's still really cute. :) I love the picture of Tyler. That is freakin adorable.