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Saturday, December 15, 2012

When life tells you to take a break

Sometimes you have those little a-ha moments when you get hit with a tiny piece of inspiration or clarity about something in your life.  And sometimes life hits you with a sledge hammer.  This week it took the latter approach.  It was inevitable, I suppose.  I've been running practically non-stop since school started and have managed to not get taken down by the small colds the kids came home with.  But this week, after a crazy week of birthday festivities (Tyler is 6!  more blog posts on that soon!) and my mom visiting, and girl scouts and... I got taken down by the monster of all colds.  I was seriously flat on my back on the couch - or more specifically in the fetal position wracked by chills and whimpering about body aches and a screaming throat while trying to ignore the migraine quality headache.  There was no way I was going to get anything done.  Forget the To Do List.  Cancel girl scouts (my coleader was also sick - go figure).  Put it off, toss it aside, or get someone else to do it.  That was my lesson this week.  Not the greatest time of the year to have it hit, but when it does you have to deal with it right?  Luckily my husband quickly stepped in and handled dinner and homework the first night.  He also had to take my daughter to her dress rehearsal on Thursday.  And I still wasn't feeling good enough to attend his work party last night so he took Kaitlyn to that as well.  I was wondering how Tyler would react when I told him he would be staying home with me and was amused when he let out a fake cough and told me "it's ok.  We will take care of each other."  And we spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching the Game Show Network (it's either that or Food Network when I find I can't stand to watch another cartoon).
Obviously I'm feeling marginally better or I wouldn't be able to sit here on the computer and look at it from this perspective.  Fingers crossed it continues this way because I don't want to face the mess life would be if I had another week like that one. 
Look, even our elves were sick!

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