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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf Antics 2012 Week 2 & 3

May as well finish up the list of Elf Capades I started yesterday, right?
Week 2 & 3:
-one of the elves was trying to hitch a ride in Tyler's backpack while the other one was found trying on Kaitlyn's dance hoodie and knee-high boots
-everyone seems to be taking turns getting sick around here, including the elves
-the elves were found hanging out in the sunroom one morning.  One was working on Kaitlyn's latch hook kit while the other was playing a new Christmas peg game (you know - like the old fashioned ones they have at Cracker Barrel!).  The kids were pretty excited to get their own peg game

-One night they turned tissue paper into all sorts of paper doll strings - reindeer, snowmen, trees
(cutting templates can be found here)
-they snuck into Tyler's room one night and played with his stuffed animals.  Tinsel put a Santa hat on Shamu and took a ride on his back while Twinkle snuck into the basket full of teddy bears
-popped popcorn in the microwave
-not to be left out, they also snuck into Kaitlyn's room where Twinkle read one of her books and Tinsel got to know the other stuffed animals

-took the stack of Christmas books into the "secret hideout" (that's the dead corner behind the love seat where the kids like to play during December, which is the only time the love seat is moved into that corner) along with some stuffed animals and had a big old party reading to each other
-hid Christmas jokes all over the house - in shoes, cupboards and drawers, the pantry, fridge, under the table, by the countdown blocks...  (printable jokes found here)

-used a small candle/light to "roast" chocolate covered marshmallows
-tea party with some of the toys on the bed in the guest room
-must have had a craving for chocolate peppermint pancakes

-no idea what they will be doing tomorrow morning, but I do believe we will find them with these Naught/Nice Progress Reports for Santa on Monday

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