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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pin It Challenge (#3)

Time for another Pinterest Challenge post! (need a little more info? See my original challenge post here) This week I chose to try out a crochet pattern I had pinned - an infant earflap hat. (pattern is here) I also braved one of my storage areas and dug out a baby doll to be my stand in model as I don't have any handy real-life models in this particular size :) I was a little concerned about the fit but no fears, it works perfectly! It was my first attempt with a crochet flower too. I'm surprised at how quickly the flower came together.
Cute, huh? I think this little beauty will soon be joining her brothers in my shop.

I've also been trying to get better at "product photography" for the items in my Etsy shop so I thought I'd try out this tutorial for an easy, inexpensive at-home technique for studio quality photos (link here).
This was my test photo - what I would normally get with my camera in my craft room with the light in the morning.

Then I did the "studio" set up. First problem is readily apparent - the trim pieces in my windows cast shadows where I'm not going to want them.

First test shot:

Yep see, shadows where I don't want them, and the vellum and aluminum foil aren't quite big enough so we're getting a streak of light across the bottom. I wanted to be able to compare them straight out of the camera, but I think with a little bump in editing this isn't bad. I do like the backlit look.

Test shot #2: again with the size issues on the vellum and aluminum foil, though slightly better use of the reflector has the photo coming out a little sharper and with better color.

Not bad really, but it's obvious I need to keep practicing!

So I'm anxious to know - has anyone else made something they have pinned?

Oh and let's not forget the other ladies that are doing this challenge along with me.



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Julie said...

The hat is sooo cute! :) You did a great job. Taking pictures of projects can definitely be tough with trying to get lighting and all that right. Something I'm trying to work on as well. It will get better! GREAT job!! :)