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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week in the Life 2011 - Wrap Up

Sunday was the last day of my Week in the Life project and I'm happy to see I did get quite a few more photos each day than the few I started out the week with. That was due in part to telling the kids I was trying to take lots of photos and letting them take the camera whenever they wanted to. I even let Kaitlyn take the small one with her to a sleepover at her friends's house. It also got easier as the week went on, in part because the end of the week was much more eventful than the beginning of the week. I'm still not sure how much I will take away from this year's exercise of trying to see the beauty in the every day but when I do take the time to sit down and pull it all together with my journaling and copies of my lists I hope I will be pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few of the shots from the rest of the week. Woke up early one day and decided to do my toes. Kaitlyn woke up when I was partially done and got hers glittered too.

Spent quite a bit of time working on crafts for my new "shop" on Etsy (woohoo!) I hope it takes off as it's already been a lot of work.

Made cornbread one night. The kids love it. But does anyone else find that this is the messiest bread in the world?! Every time my kids get near it I have crumbs EVERYWHERE.

Tyler helped me with the bathroom scrubbing this week. His favorite was shining the mirrors - it made me happy too as it kept him off the floor and out of my way so I didn't bleach his pjs.

This one is out of order - it was from Sunday morning. He had taken the motorcycle to Charlottle with a buddy while the kids and I were at Audrey's. He ended up being caught in a rain storm on the way home so of course the bugs and the mud had to be polished away as soon as possible. I totally had to follow him out to the garage to take a photo when I he came in to grab an old toothbrush, telling him I MUST document his craziness :)

Just a couple of my gladiolas chose to wait to bloom until I got back from Utah (we missed most of them :( ). Love the color.

Everyone in the pool at Audrey's - what a blast. We spent at least 5 hours per day in the water both days we were there.

Ice cream Sunday night after a long day at a birthday party and grocery shopping. We love that screen porch.

And here are a couple Kaitlyn took at her sleepover.

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