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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Before and After - Part 3

We finished the last big push on the painting Friday - yay yay yay! I still have the living room that needs to be done, but that's on the back burner until we deal with the cords. And my parents are flying in tonight for a week's visit so I won't be wanting to paint anyway. Breathing a bit of a sigh of relief over here. It's been a long haul with the painting and I absolutely cannot wait to throw away the brushes and drop cloths!

Friday's project was the sun room. It went from this: To This!: I had an extra can of red from the dining room and not wanting it to go to waste the sun room was elected to be red. As it turns out, it didn't cover as much as we thought it would and we had to run to get one more can right in the middle of the project. Lucky for me, my husband unexpectedly had the day off, so he did the running part and I stayed in my paint clothes and rested my back, then finished it off myself when he got back (while he went out bowling with the guys - I'd be more annoyed if he hadn't just got off a stretch of 12 straight work days so I was fine with it).
Earlier in the week I had taken on double paint duty - both the playroom and the guest room, since they're connected to each other. It still only took one day, but oh what a lot of painting went into that day!
The playroom Before: (of course I didn't remember the before shots until I was partially done taping)
and After: excuse the toys. It's a playroom, they're inevitable. I know you know that, so you forgive me for not cleaning up before I took the photos, right? I'll do a beauty shot later when I get some things up on the walls.

The guest room Before:
And guest room After: We already had the headboard and the quilt, but the mattresses are new. Hope my parents enjoy them.
As you can see, we've been using the khaki color (technically it's Behr satin paint, color: Garden Wall, just in case you were wondering) on most of the rest of the rooms so the house doesn't start looking like it has multiple personality disorder. I also painted the master bathroom (khaki!), but neglected to take photos. I'm sure you'll be seeing some final photos of it once I get some of the more decorative projects done.
And with the nice weather we've been having this week, we were happy to run across a good deal on patio furniture for the screen porch. I have a feeling this area will be getting a lot of use soon.

There you have it. Hours and hours of hard work summarized in just a handful of photos. I get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing I'm almost done (almost, almost, almost!) with this stage of the settling in and will soon be showing you all lots and lots of fun projects! Enjoy the week! I'm going to see how well I do with "slowing down" for a few days and pretending I'm on vacation right along with my parents.


Cheri said...

Yeah! So exciting you're almost done! It all looks AMAZING! I super love the sun room and it's my favorite color!!!! Hope you enjoy your parents visit!

Krispy said...

LOVE the colour of the toy room... love the red too but I'd never be brave enough to do it myself!! Lol... Thanks for all your research and info on those mailboxes, I really appreciate that. I contacted a few of them and in the end it was just really hard (and quite expensive) to do it... so I'm thinking about one of those pouches you hang over the back of a chair instead. Hopefully Australia will move with the times one day and get some mail boxes out here! :)
Thanks again Alayna

crazigirl80 said...

I couldn't find your e-mail address-I wanted to ask you if you would share your template for the truck birthday card? I found it and I LOVE it-super cute! E-mail me at


james said...

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