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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Before and After

One of the things Sam and I have both been excited about in the new house is the walk-in closets in all the bedrooms. Sam is amazing when it comes to doing built-ins, and let's face it a closet that looks like this is a little sad. That's Kaitlyn room. First chance we got, we changed it. It now looks like this:

We still need to find wood large enough for the drawer fronts but it's functional. I'm so happy we no longer have to stack her clothes in piles (since her dresser was broken in the move and couldn't be used) and some of her stuff has places to go. She now had 3 drawers in the closet with cubbies above. And the wall on the left has double hanging along most of it and long hanging in the corner.

Here is the Before for Tyler's closet:

And After:

3 drawers and cubbies in his with double hanging next to it. And on the left hand wall is another set of cubbies

My favorite is, of course, the master.


And here is a shot of how it looks with all our stuff in it. Look! We still have plenty of space to grow! And we no longer have to use a dresser in any of the bedrooms. Our closet is off the master bath and I love not having to leave that area to get dressed after I shower.
While Sam was busy with closets I spent the last two weeks with paint in my hair and under my nails. Not only did I help paint the closets, but I tackled both the kids rooms.
Kaitlyn's Before:
Kaitlyn insisted on helping with her pink accent wall (I was luckily able to talk her out of an entirely pink room)

After it was finished Kaitlyn said "I feel like the most special-ist kid in the world." It's so nice to know she loves it. And I'm pretty pleased with it too. The room just needs a couple of nightstands and some things on the wall (I've been working on that too) and it will be complete! To actually have something fully finished would be SO nice.

And finally, Tyler's Before:
And After:
That dresser is now completely empty and will probably be going on Craig's list.
And here's a look at his accent wall. I was able to convince him that this color is a good "green" (his favorite color) for his room. Then I was doubting myself as I was putting it on the wall because it was pretty bright. But with the room at least partially put together (again with the nightstand! And in need of a headboard too) I'm liking it quite a bit.

We ended up with enough materials left over to build shelves in the playroom closet too! That's what we've been working on today but I'm out of paint so off to Home Depot we go...

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It all looks great!