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Friday, December 31, 2010

One Little Word 2011

It's New Years Eve and time for me to declare my One Little Word for 2011. I started doing this a couple years ago after seeing the idea on Ali Edwards blog and have been surprised at the difference it makes in my life. Last year I chose the word ENJOY and with all the changes and stress we went through, the reminder was much needed at times.

Now that we are in a new house, in a completely new area far from home, and definitely not settled yet I've found myself wanting to tackle everything all at once - paint the entire house and furnish and decorate it, get the kids signed up for lessons and preschool for Ty, meet the neighbors and people in the community and make new friends, and on and on. We all know that only leads a very stressed and overwhelmed Mama. I also found myself trying to multi-task too much or only half-listening when one of my kids was trying to tell me something. So this year I chose the word


I can't do everything all at once so I need to remind myself to just focus on one thing at a time and let the others go.
Focus on one room or one project.
Focus on the kids and my husband.
Focus on learning/adapting to my new environment and not comparing it (too much) to what I'm used to.
Focus on better eating and exercise habits for myself.
Focus on whatever I am doing at the current time. And be happy about it.
And also, take the term literally and work on improving my skills behind the camera.

Anyone else have a Word for the year?

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