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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Week in the Life

I love photos. Absolutely LOVE photos. And I take a lot of them - usually. But lately I haven't and when I sit down to work on my personal blog I notice it. And it annoys me. So I've decided to participate in Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life, starting Monday. The point is to document your life for an entire week. Every. Single. Tiny. Thing.
I'm actually getting excited about it. I've been meaning to spend some more time honing my camera skills anyway (can we say upcoming dance photo shoot? yeah. not prepared!). And when I did Project 365 (taking a photo a day) last year I really did love the fact that it made me have the camera out and capturing the everyday stuff.
So wish me luck! I'm off to try to gather up a few envelopes (one for each day) for things like receipts, a notebook where I can jot things down each day, and make a list of things I definitely want to document along the way (routines, food, making a point of taking a photo of myself each day, etc). If this idea apeals to anyone and you decide to participate in this little activity as well, be sure to let me know!


Stacy Milford said...

Hi Alayna! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment :o) I am totally feeling exactly the same way as you are & so looking forward to this project! Good luck!

Deb said...

Hi Alayna
Here's to a great week ♥