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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monkeyin' Around

In my world, October is our Birthday Month. Between my family and Sam's we have 6 birthdays in the stretch of time between Sept 30 and Oct 16. SIX! Not the least of which is Kaitlyn's birthday (on the 14th), which has been part focus for the last few months. I can't honestly tell you how early I started planning her party, but it was probably sometime this spring. You know me, the planning and prep is my favorite part. And since Kaitlyn decided on a Monkey theme barely one week after her last birthday, I've had plenty of time to gradually piece it all together. And now it's time for the final preparations.

I'll do a big post after the party, but I thought I'd share the invitations with you now. These little babies are going out tomorrow, provided we can figure out who some of the people are that she wants to invite (anyone else have this problem with their kindergartener? She plays with kids every day at recess and on the bus but for the life of her cannot remember their names. That is, if she has even remembered to ASK their names).
I paper pieced the monkey face, making up the pattern as I went along. Not bad 'eh? He kinda looks like a bear but hopefully the pokey-out ears and the Monkey Around statement inside will tip them off to the theme of the party.
I also whipped up a card for Kaitlyn, because I loved this image. My friend Callie introduced me to the Dustin Pike images and I'm in love! I enlarged two of his other images for part of the party decor...but you'll have to wait to see those.


Artfulmama said...

Aloha Alayna!! I cracked up reading the section on your blog "ABOUT ME" I can totally and completely relate.. !!! My husband wouldn't know blue from orange unless it involved a college football game!! The say "thats a nice one".. and then thats it .. and that is exactly why I started to post my artwork on the internet with my blog.. and FB..!! I love your work.. and it truly IS creative.. I think you have some great ideas.. SO BY ALL MEANS KEEP GOING!!! Looking forward to more of your creativity!!! Aloha from the Artfulmama

Callie said...

They're so cute!! You did a great job. glad you like dustin pike... now when you've got a crafty moment come play on doodle street with us!! all the details are on my blog!!

Cheri said...

The invites turned out super cute. For what it's worth, I think they look like monkeys not bears!

Anonymous said...

I so suck with keeping up with blogs. I need to get back into it. Ok so I wanted to tell you we did pin the tail on the monkey for Kyrie's last party and it was a big hit with the kids. And I bought this make your own animal kit thing that had monkeys in it for the kids to make.

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