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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's almost party time - again

Tyler's birthday - it crept up on me.  Usually I have these things planned out weeks in advance.  In fact, often I do most of the planning and prep for his party before Kaitlyn's birthday because I've found I get Party Burnout after hers and I have a hard time motivating myself to put much energy and effort into it.  With the move happening so quickly after Miss Kate's birthday this year I didn't put any thought into Tyler's, other than asking what theme he wanted and randomly adding ideas to my Pinterest board if I ran across them.  So last week it hit me - we are getting really close to the holidays and thus really close to Tyler's birthday!  I'd better start planning!
The kids start school at different times now and Tyler and I tend to have a good 30 minutes of down time between when he is ready and when we have to go out to the bus so it was fairly easy to find the time to sit down with him and start going through ideas to see what struck his fancy.  And man is that kid full of ideas!  It was completely adorable to hear him ramble on and on about what we could do at his party.  Care to guess what theme he chose that had him so excited?

Tyler also wanted to invite his entire class to the party and usually I would say no to that many kids at once.  But we haven't been here long enough for him to have formed many close friendships yet and a party would be a great Get To Know You thing for him.  And since it's right in the middle of the holiday season and on a Friday night, a lot of people may already have plans.  So I said yes to the possible probable chaos and 25 of these invitations went out last week.

Knowing I was going to need a bunch of them I found a good pdf for the base of the invite online then added party details and printed them out 4 to a page.  The fonts are Minecrafter and ProFontWindows.

If you are looking for more Minecraft party ideas I have quite a few on my Pinterst Board (here).  And, of course, I will tell you all about it after the party - stay tuned!  Less than two weeks to go until party time...

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